In Conversation With Singer ‘Sanoj Kumar’.

Sanoj Kumar is a singer in Bollywood and has an impressive voice. His song “Maula” from Hindi film ‘Delhi 47 km’ released yesterday and we had a chance to have a talk with him .

Q. Your song, “Maula” from Delhi 47 Km just got released… Can you share with us, when and how your love for singing began?

A. I’m very happy with the release of ‘Maula’ and I’m sure people will like this. I was into singing since childhood. In my school I used to sing and people liked my voice. So I was inspired and that eventually turned into passion.  Then I started learning more to improve my skills, and I never stopped since then. 

Q. What is your favorite piece/genre of music, and why?

A. I like all kinds of music. I appreciate anything that has a good rhythm. You can call it “cool” music, or whatever you like. In the old days we used to consider retro to be cool, and perhaps today pop can be considered cool, and basically any song with a nice rhythm. The reason I say ‘cool’ music is because I don’t want to put anything into categories. Anything that sounds good and gives peace to the heart is something that I describe as ‘cool music’ and that is what I like.

Q. You are an architecture by profession, and singing is your hobby. Have you ever considered making singing as your main profession?

A. I studied architecture, and like most people I choose what to study, and I made that my profession. Singing was always there as a hobby, and I never thought of turning it into a main profession because such a circumstance never came. Now I’m glad that my song from Delhi 47 Km has come out and is being appreciated. I obviously wish that the film does well… We shall see from there. Hopefully new opportunities will arise.

Q. How many songs have you sang in the film, and which one is closest to your heart?

A. I sang two songs in this film. “Yeh Safar” and “Maula”. I worked equally hard on both the songs. I find both the songs to be equally sensible, connected to the roots of society, and you will be able to relate to them. If you ask me which one I like, I will tell you that I like both the songs. When you listen to both the songs you will realize why I like both the songs, and I’m sure you will enjoy the songs as well.

Q. Any interesting experience working on Delhi 47 Km that you can share with us?

A. I remember, Deepak Kumar, the music director of the songs, and I gave a few drafts of the songs to Shadab Khan, the director of the film. However at first, he was never satisfied, and kept asking for corrections. So Deepak and I kept making changes and at one point we felt hopeless, not sure as to when Shadab will be satisfied. Luckily, however, he eventually approved the songs. When we listened to the final outcomes and shared it with a few folks in Mumbai, they also enjoyed the track. So today I’m very happy and thankful that my work along with Deepak Kumar’s work is seeing the light of day, and being appreciated. The entire team worked hard, from Shadab Khan, to Deepak Kumar to me.

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