“BLANK” Movie Review

“Blank” REVIEW:


So the plot (without spoilers) is an this: Blank is about a guy named Hanif (Karan Kapadia) who meets with an accident and it is found that he has a DMS bomb attached to his body. After the accident, Hanif loses his memory. Now, this “DMS” is a complicated bomb attached to his chest and is connected with his heartbeat (Yes, you read that correctly). The moment Hanifs heart stops beating, the switch would activate 24 other devices that are remotely controlled. Thus creating mayhem in the city. ATS Chief, Dewan (Sunny Deol) is responsible for handling the whole case and starts the investigation on it.


Now as bizarre as that may seem (bomb connected with his heart beat), we can ignore the logistics and still enjoy a film if it is well made and gripping.  Cinematic liberty is fine, albeit, to a certain extent. The film starts on a strong note and the thought of a suicide bomber losing his memory is definately interesting. We see a confused, bearded, disoriented young man being readied for an encounter killing. We are hooked! If he is a dreaded terrorist attached to a bomb, why does he look like a victim? Then, flashback! This film is non-linear (not completely, but to a certain extent). Since the film starts with such a bang, the expectations are set. However, as the film goes on, and the pieces of the puzzle are put together, the bigger flaws become more evident. While the writing seems to be well researched, there are still many holes in the narrative, along with stereotypes in regards to how a terrorist is supposed to look and behave. The director seems to understand the world that he is dealing with, but doesn’t quite make the best of it.


The plot seems far-fetched, and while the purpose of the film is noble (a fight against terrorism), the execution is not up to par. Sadly, there aren’t that many twists or turns for this kind of film to work, considering how situations could have been played out interestingly considering how the suicide bomber himself has no idea he is a suicide bomber (memory loss). This can’t be called a “boring film” since it is fast paced, action packed, and we are constantly curious to know what will happen next. But, at a deeper level, there is no emotional connect with the characters.  Neither with Hanif, the suicide bomber, or with the ATS chief, Dewan. The motivations of the characters also don’t seem strong enough and the ultimate revelation doesn’t leave an impact. Few scenes are tackily handled, and there is no moment that delves into the physical or mental journey of the protagonist. It’s as if we are watching the film, be we aren’t feeling the film.


Technically the film is ok. The cinematography, the sound design, the editing, and everything is just ok. As for acting, debutant Karan Kapadia clearly puts his heart and soul into the film, and this can be seen. He has great potential, if he is given the right script. Sunny Deol works as nostalgia, reminding us of an actor who we miss so dearly. He is great to watch! The rest of the cast lend ample support.


Overall, “Blank” could have been much more than what it has turned out to be. One wishes more effort was put into the script. Regardless, if you are in for a thriller, you should give this a try!

2.5 out of 5 stars!


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