#NotMyDeepika is trending on Twitter after Deepika Padukone met Luv Ranjan on Friday.

Deepika Padukone was spotted at Luv Ranjan’s residence with Ranbir Kapoor on Friday. This has led to people believing that Deepika might work with the director for his next film which features Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn. However, even though the film offer seems lucrative, Twitter doesn’t want Deepika to work with Ranjan. This is because the director was accused of sexual harassment during the #MeToo era. The social media users are so unhappy with the possibility of the actress working with the director that #LuvRanjan and #NotMyDeepika have trended on Twitter.

During the #MeToo movement, an actress said that during the auditions for Pyaar Ka Punchanama, the director had asked her to strip to her underwear and asked her inappropriate questions which made her uncomfortable. The actor alleged that she had to walk out of the auditions because of how uncomfortable the director made her. Luv Ranjan had denied those allegations but then went on to work with Alok Nath in De De Pyaar De, who was also accused of rape by Vinta Nanda.

The trend of #NotMyDeepika shows how people are unhappy that the actress is meeting with the director to possibly work with him. The actor has time and again supported the movement and called it a positive step to make Bollywood a safer place.

Check out some of the tweets by Twitterati for the hashtags #LuvRanjan and #NotMyDeepika below: 

★彡 вα∂ gυяℓ 彡★@Fakepradise

Deepika and Priyanka are trending……why?

Skye 🌼@jooncocoon

and deepika was spotted going into luv ranjans studio to read a movie script or sumn.she is rumoured to be part of that movie with rk and ajay.the fans disapprove ofher to work in the movie as luv ranjan is accused of harassment and was part of the thats why

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oh noooo what happened?!

Pragati is crying over the beauty of FFH@inkdin

She was seen leaving Luv Ranjan’s offices. He’s one of the many men who was named in

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Everyone use in tweets. Tag @karishma_p87 @SpiceSocial1 @Jayasaha @indranildasblah in your tweets. If she does Luv Ranjan’s film (A accused) then don’t expect us fans to suck it up blindly. Sorry @anishapadukone but we really thought DP had better principles.

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𝐫𝐢𝐚 ❦@MonaDarlingx

Being the top actress of your country you have many people looking upto you, it is YOUR responsibility to set the right example. Are you even aware of how you are gonna promote someone who has sexually harassed other women by working in his film?

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When you work with an abuser, you not only nullify the attempts of the survivors to finally achieve some justice, you also stain your own legacy as well. You’ll lose respect and credentials as an artist @deepikapadukone Don’t do this.

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nikki ✨@yoonglesjoonie

It’s refreshing to see a fandom in India that actually holds their idol accountable. I really really hope that she isn’t working with him.

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@deepikapadukone Stay winning. Stand for the right thing with grace and class. Use your power to change the way has played out in the Hindi film industry. Please. https://twitter.com/upalakbr999/status/1152481273991987200 

Upala KBR ❤@upalakbr999

I say all this coz no matter what i wrote about @deepikapadukone not once did she criticise me, even if she hadnt liked the story. In fact whenever we met after that, her warmth, niceness & grace overwhelmed me. You cannot unlike Deepika ❤❤❤ #LoveAndRespect 🌟💕🌟 #TrueStar https://twitter.com/upalakbr999/status/1152479012431618050 

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We respect you, @deepikapadukone . Please do the right thing. https://twitter.com/ranveerkfanclub/status/1152468727910154240 

Ranveer ka Fan Club@ranveerkfanclub

The Deepika we know is extremely kind, compassionate, empathetic and righteous. Please don’t let us down by working with an abuser, it is everything against what you stand up for @deepikapadukone #notmydeepika

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Akash Kumar@AkashxDeepika

On a side note if it were for any other actor or actress there would be zero backlash because most of them have zero credibility. Deepika has built a reputation for herself and her ideals. Her fans don’t just stan Deepika the actor but the Deepika the human being

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tiny dancer@februaryairs

So many people trust Deepika, even the neutrals. She had rightfully so gained a good reputation. I know you won’t let us down @deepikapadukone

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Being her fan for so many years, i’ve constantly seen her live upto her words.She’s not said one thing & done another or gone back on her words.I really really hope it remains the same.@deepikapadukone Pls don’t ruin the reputation & trust that took years to built.

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Deepika’s team hasn’t commented on this topic yet. No official confirmation regarding this film has been made by the makers but if Luv Ranjan manages to pull this casting coup, it would be for the fourth time that Ranbir and Deepika will work together after Bachna Ae Haseeno, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Tamasha.

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