Govinda Reveals Refusing Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas Because He Was A ‘superstar’


Did you know that a pivotal character of Devdas was initially offered to Govinda?

Govinda’s career might have taken a downfall and never recovered from the bottom, but there was a time when he truly was known as a star, an undisputable comedy king.  A couple of days back, in an interview, the actor made a rather amusing revelation. Before this, we never knew James Cameron’s Avatar was offered to him and he even suggested the film’s title!


And now, it looks like he was approached for another cult Hindi film, but turned it down since he felt it would not go down well with his ‘superstar’ strata.


“I asked Sanjay (Leela Bhansali) aapko mere mein Chunni Lal kaha dikhta hai? I was a superstar at that time. Mujhe laga theek hai, aap top ke director ho, achchhi baat hai, par aap mujhe character role kyu de rahe hai. Maine kaha ek kaam karna, Shah Rukh se kaho ki woh mujhe kahe. I can do the film for friendship but I won’t do it otherwise. I won’t do the film because you are a star or a top director. I love Shah Rukh a lot. We haven’t done a film together but he is a very nice person,” he told India TV.


The role in question later went to Jackie Shroff, who totally nailed it. However, it would have been so interesting to see Govinda as Chuni Babu, a man with an intriguing personality!


Govinda also said he refused the blockbuster Gadar owing to the fact that it had too many cuss words.


“When Anil Sharma sir was reading the film to me, it had a lot of swear words. I said mein kisi aadmi se pang nahi leta tum ye kya kya kahte ho film mein. Bahut galia thi sir, I can’t even discuss it here,” he said.


Okay then!

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