Mika Singh Banned By Aicwa After A Video Of His Performance In Pakistan Goes Viral!


Mika Singh’s performance, despite high tensions between the two countries, did not go down well with many.

In the wake of the revoking of Article 370, that provided special autonomy to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, recently, Pakistan had started showing the backlash in various forms. And at the time of high tensions between the two countries, Mika’s performance at a high profile party in Karachi has not gone down well with people, the video of which went viral earlier. And, now, the All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has banned the controversial singer.


Naila Inayat, a famous Pakistani journalist, shared the video on her Twitter account. Watch the viral video here:

Naila Inayat नायला इनायत


Happy that Indian singer Mika Singh performed at the mehndi of Gen Musharraf’s relative recently in Karachi. God for bid if it was Nawaz Sharif’s relative it would be raining ghadari k hashtag already.

Embedded video

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In the video, Mika can be heard singing the song Jumme Ki Raat, which stands as one of his most popular tracks. Mika had been performing at the Sangeet of former Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf’s relative. Reportedly, a hefty amount of around USD 150, 000 (Rs 1.06 crore) had been levied for the performance. The ban has been put by the AICWA, a film body, barring him from having any associations with film or music contracts, as per reports by the ANI.


“ICWA will make sure that no one in India works with Mika Singh and if anyone does, they will face legal consequences in the court of law. When the tension between the countries is at the peak, Mika Singh puts money above the nation’s pride,” a statement read.


Read the statement here:

Sumit kadel


AICWA condemned the singer for putting his profession above the national pride & performed there, amid the tension between India and Pakistan. AICWA has also asked the Ministry for Information and Broadcasting to intervene in the matter and act legally against the singer.

Sumit kadel


Here is an Official Statement from All Indian Cine Workers Association.

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With Pakistan already expelling the Indian High Commissioner, suspending bilateral trades, and announcing a ban on Indian films across the nation, Mika’s performance didn’t go down well with the Indian netizens at all. They were quick to condemn the singer for his act of selfishness. According to a news website, as many as a 14-member-crew was sanctioned visa to be able to perform in Pakistan.


At the time of high tensions, Mika’s act was uncalled for. While It’s Pakistan who is quick to always ban Indian artists at the slightest tensions or even Pakistani actors are quick to take the side of their country (like Fawad khan), despite earning fame and money in India, calling off the show and showing solidarity to the country would have been the best option.

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