‘They ask why is she working, she should be with Taimur’. Kareena Kapoor, she always had to deal with mean comments

Actor Kareena Kapoor has reiterated that being constantly being photographed is a life she, and husband Saif Ali Khan chose and Taimur has to now live with it. She said hiding Taimur’s face from paparazzi is something she does not want to do at all.

Speaking with Pinkvilla in an interview, Kareena said about her and husband Saif’s reaction to paparazzi, “He tries to keep cool and calm. He requests them to give him his space and that’s the only thing he can do, being a public figure. I don’t want him to grow up in a way where I’m covering my child’s face. I think that would scar him even more. He would be ‘Why are you doing this?’ That’s not normal.”

Talking about how Taimur refuses to let them take pictures at times, Kareena added, “Of course (it affects). Even if we want to take pictures, Taimur sometimes says ‘No photos’. He has learnt to say that. He’s constantly being watched and he realises he’s being clicked now. This culture has been there for a while now and nobody is asking anyone not to do their job. But we are just asking for a little space because they are children and we want them to grow up in an environment which is safe and secure, where they can be the way they want to be.”

Talking about things she has been told not to do, Kareena said, “I shouldn’t get married, i shouldn’t become a mother. Even comments today..They’re like ‘oh, why is she working, she should be with Taimur or why is she doing this, he should be with him..I mean who does all this and who says all this? Nobody knows my equation with him. I think, as a working woman, if my child knows his mother is a working woman, his respect for women will grow tenfold. I want to make a man of him, I want him to know that. He should know both his parents have worked really hard to give him a life and he should respect that.”

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