Vidya Balan Expresses Aspirations for Women-Centric Films In Bollywood

Vidya Balan throughout the course of her career has appeared in numerous films as the protagonist. She is often referred to as the leading lady of a change in the type of Bollywood films.

She last appeared in Mission Mangal which was lauded for dominating with a female cast. Despite this, the film gathered more attention in the name of Akshay Kumar as the protagonist. Audiences expressed outrage at this and called the film out for not giving enough attention to the female cast.

Vidya Balan expressed the need for this pointing out how women-centric films are still developing and could develop more in the near future. “For Mission Mangal off course we can’t take credit solely. There was Akshay Kumar who was a huge star and it helped us immensely. It was headlined by him. But today we might still need that and I am saying that in a few years even that might change. Tomorrow we might do 200 crores or 500 crores without an Akshay Kumar, hopefully.”

Even though women-centric films are Vidya Balan’s specialty, the Kahaani actress dislikes the term and prays for a day where it is neither needed nor used. “I think the term is not wrong. It is only now that these kinds of films are being made and they have a chance at the box office. People are buying tickets and watching them. We are able to make more films. As of now, it’s okay if it is called female-centric films. Some day you will go into see a film where the hero will either be a male or female. It won’t matter to you. You will just go into see a good story.”

Vidya Balan is currently filming for a Shakuntala Devi biopic where she will play the titular character alongside Sanya Malhotra as Shakuntala Devi’s daughter.

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