“It is important to love yourself. That means eat clean, workout, sleep well and take care of your skin.Enhance yourself inside out and age gracefully.”-Dr. Monica Jacob

“It is important to love yourself. That means eat clean, workout, sleep well and take care of your skin.Enhance yourself inside out and age gracefully.” – Dr. Monica Jacob 

Dr. Monica Jacob is a leading Celebrity Aesthetic physician in India. She is also an Obesity Consultant and Anti-Aging Physician. With the experience of over 18 years she has done remarkable job for her patients. Her clinic iscounted as one of the “50 Best Wellness Companies” at the World Health and Wellness Congress Awards. Bodyz Wellness is a slimming, cosmetic, hair, lasers & anti-aging clinic. It has a holistic approach for both mental and physical wellbeing.

Q. You are a very renowned Aesthetic Physician and Cosmetologist. How did it all start? When did you think of getting into this ?

Back then in 2000, We knew the problems, but not the Solutions. And many things weren’t available in India. And I wanted to bring them to India. Then I went abroad to study more about this from Medical Academy

I had this question –  what keeps their skin healthier and the way they desire? It was the right treatments, technology and technique. That’s what I decided provide here in India. We have always been the first to get the best technique here in India like –  Sygma for nonsurgical face. I got the machine five years back. We are also pioneers in injectables, threadlifts and weight management programs.

So there are a lot of concepts which are still going on and are not right. The technique also needs the right technician.

Q. How important it is to understand the people’s concerns?

Very important! Until and unless you won’t understand the concern how can you treat them right? Many people don’t even need much just the right skincare routine. But to understand that one needs to understand the concern. I have my own Diagnostic Centre. My husband is into cardiology and also into diabetic consultation and we both are quite research oriented. Whenever, a client/ patient ask me about the problem, I study them thoroughly from their routine to their history, to be sure of the treatment which has to be provided.

Q. Research and right treatment is prime in your domain?

Yes! I am one of the first Indian doctors being trained under the very renowned Dr Zein Obagi. The world of skin aesthetics revolves around him. He is one of the top Hollywood Doctors. Where I learnt research is everything.

With the kind of fast running tech world we live in there is something new every moment. I believe education has no age we keep on learning and experiencing. I keep traveling every 3-4 months at times I am trainer other times I am the trainee .

Q. What kind of struggle did you face?

Struggle – I would say challenges. Life is meant to be like that otherwise we will never appericiate the best things. Challenges  are and were obviously there because when you have a family and kids to look after,  you have to see the house work. After doing all that you get time for yourself in a day, but when I get time, I have my work-  I have three clinics , have to see my patients,  give them time and taking care of myself. Sometimes it is like, I get up at 5 am, cook,  clean the house and then do all the stuff but if you are passionate about your work, you will definitely find some time to do it.

Q. Do people toke time to understand what you talking about internal health?

It obviously took them a while to understand what I am saying,  but eventually they understood,  because they have also seen me what I use to look 10 years back,  I’m looking younger than that. First, you have to be a role model for yourself – that you can look better, you can be energetic and you can work for hours, maintain your health.  You are a reflection of what you are inside. What you eat, what you think, is how you look. Therefore, everything starts from within. When you eat well, sweat out, feel better within …You feel beautiful inside out.

Q. What are the most notable concerns of people, when they come to you?

 Obesity. People are trying to lose weight, and if they have obesity, it can lead to diabetes.  I think if you want to lose weight, take the nutrition,  take your vitamins, do exercise, you will be absolutely fit.

Acne, hairloss are also the other common issues..

Q. As awareness about beauty and looks is gaining momentum, sometimes, people also want to look like their idols or want to have perfect features and shapes. Do you get such people. What is your take on this ideology?

We live in the social media world. People today are aware.

First we need to love ourselves. When you love your body you take care of it. You workout, you don’t eat junk, you take care of your skin, enhance yourself.

And if you want to enhance yourself go ahead do that filler, colour your hair, apply that lipstick. Be yourself.

Q. What you would like to tell our readers?

I just want to tell all my fellow people to take care of the skin, do exercise,  be active, take your vitamins and  just stay healthy, spend time your family. Take a vacation, love yourself. 

Q. What is your take from life ?

Hard work always pays off.  If you are passionate about something, you will do it. No matter what are the challenges.

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