My mother has inculcated the habit of reading : Shweta Rohira 

My mother has inculcated the habit of reading : Shweta Rohira
We all know a mother is a daughter’s best friend and a mother’s treasure is her daughter. Actress Shweta Rohira has an amazing relationship with her mom Kaajal Rohira. Speaking about her mom and her childhood she says,”With mom I have lot of memories and Mother’s Day is one of the days where we create more. My favourite childhood memories is to go book shopping with my mom it’s she who inculcated the habit of reading. This mother’s day I am with mom and since we can’t go out so will celebrate at home my sister and nephew can’t come because of the lockdown so we will miss them but we are planning a surprise for mom and will do something virtually. Also Will cook her favourite food and try to make her happy. And also at the same time having her positive company in this extreme situation is therapeutic.”
She further adds, “My mother is my strength too. She has given me excellent upbringing. My mother makes my world go round”.
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