Happy Mother’s Day: Himansh Kohli says, ‘What my Mom taught me, those things eventually work out’ 

Actor Himansh Kohli says that his mother has always been there for him. The actor adds that she has really supported him during this lockdown. “I learnt how to be independent, how not to worry over things that can be managed from my mom. My mum taught me, those things eventually work out in the end. When this quarantine started, I was a little afraid about how things will be managed, how will I eat, cook, clean and plethora of other things that one has to manage living alone. My mum guided me through the process of cooking, maintaining the kitchen, and other household chores. I think she is already quite happy with my progress. I have been cooking all my meals since the last 15-20 odd days.
The actor says that he loves talking to his mum. “My mum has always supported me and stood at my side. Her heart to heart conversations with me, whenever I have a breakdown have healing power equivalent to god. In fact, it’s quite fun talking to her,” he says.
Talking about how much his mother did for him during his childhood, he says, “I remember my mum coming back home after 10-12 hours of office when I was in 6th or 7th standard. She used to come home all tired and drenched. But I remember asking her to make stupid snacks for me to binge eat. And she would make it, despite how tired she used to be. And that’s when I saw mother’s true love. She is a big reason why I’m here today. Thank you for everything, mummy. Love you the most.”
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