Popular Actors urge fans too stay positive during these troubled times

Times are tough as everyone struggles to be at home during this lockdown. This is how these actors are making sure to stay positive.
Shashank Vyas- I am someone who makes sure to keep all news about Corona at bay. I feel most of this stuff is from unconfirmed sources and so they should not be believed. I am also making sure to not believe people’s theories of where Corona has come from. Instead, I am concentrating on boosting my immune system and keeping a positive attitude.
Rishna Kandhari– I am making sure to be positive during this time. I feel being positive helps give you the right energy to combat any situation. I am reading good books, both fiction as well as motivational ones. Currently, I am reading ‘Inner engineering’ by Sadhguru and it is helping me a lot. Besides this, I am also making sure to work out everyday. I also cook, meditate, play with my pets.
Mrunal Jain– I feel in a situation like this, mental care is as important as physical care. People are running out of patience, it’s important to keep your hopes up! Be aware but don’t panic, remember we can go through anything together. I am sure this too shall pass. Till then meditate, read positive books, try watching light-hearted series. I am cooking (which is very therapeutic) and making videos with wife, watching series and old movies, constantly talking to my family and loved ones.
Amal Sherawat– Meditation has really helped me get through this time. I highly recommend meditation to everyone. The other thing that should be done for sure is spending time with family. It’s important to keep yourself busy during this time.
Vikas Sethi- I feel so lucky to be able to be with mu family during this time. It really helps me stay positive. I feel that if everyone is careful and takes the right precautions, then there is nothing to worry. We must try to be positive live life one day at a time. That is what has been helping me.
Sharad Malhotra– Being a spiritual person, I make sure to do my prayers every day and follow all rituals with my family. It helps me stay optimistic and keeps me calm. This our tough times, but doing this helps to ease the stress. I am workout at home. I love spending time with my wife too.
Arjun Bijlani– I don’t think anyone has gone through such a situation before. It is tough to keep yourself happy but keeping a sound mental health is very important. I am making sure to spend time with me son and my wife. I also take care of my pet and play with him. All these things keep me positive. I like to be in the moment. I also make sure to express my gratitude for all the doctors and other frontline workers. We are safe because of them.
Jasmin Bhasin: We might wonder what is the point of staying at home, but it is important to understand that we are helping each other by being at home. I am making sure to make the most of my time in quarantine. I am trying to stay positive. I am cooking, that is like a therapy for me. I am also decluttering my house and spending time with my pets. I make sure to talk to my friends too.
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