“I would love to work on big screen for sure!” – Tinaa Dattaa

“I would love to work on big screen for sure!” – Tinaa Dattaa

Tinaa Dattaa is an Indian television actress known for her dual portrayal of Ichha and Meethi in the popular daily soap Uttaran. She was a participant in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi and then did popular TV series – Shani and Daayan. She played young Vidya Balan in hindi feature film – Parineeta and also shared screen space with Aishwarya Rai in bengali film – Chokher Bali

Q.You started your career as a child artist, later did films and became a household name from the hindi TV series – ‘Uttaran’. How has been your journey so far?

Well, my entire journey so far has been really amazing. I  am really blessed and thank the Almighty, for so amazing journey so far. Though, there have been a lot of hurdles, there have been a lot of ups & downs- even, it was not completely- a rosy journey, it has been really amazing. An this is what a life is all about!

Q.Was it easy for you to make acting, a career choice? Was your family supportive of your decision?

For all those who do not know, I started my career when I was 4 n ½  years old and it wouldn’t have been possible, if my family was not supportive.

The only concern for my father was ‘until & unless, you complete your high school, I am not going to leave you out of Kolkota’.  Of course, Dad was bit worried as a doting father. So, when I shifted to Mumbai and signed my first show ‘Koi Aane Ko Hai’ , my father was extremely worried and was not very sure of letting me go. I managed to convince him as this is what I wanted in life . My mom has always been very supportive.

Q.You are known as Iccha from ‘Uttaran’. Are you shy and sophisticated in real life, just like Iccha?

I got an offer which is often I  have dreamt off. In my real life too, I used to be extremely shy and sophisticated. I am very sophisticated, even now, though, I am not that shy anymore but I am an introvert for sure .

Q.You played role of young Vidya Balan in ‘Parineeta’ and also acted alongside Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in ‘Chokher Bali’. How was your experience? Would we be seeing you on big screen more often?

I would love to work on big screen for sure!

It was such an amazing experience working with Vidya Balan. She made me feel so comfortable on sets, she was so warm and so loving. She even asked and came to the sets of  ‘Uttaran’ for movie promotion twice. And it is not like -she doesn’t remember me, she has always greeted me with so much love & respect and always appreciated me for my work .

I did not get so much interaction with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, but, it was a fabulous experience. I was in aww with her beauty. She looks fabulous and she is so pretty- I didn’t take my eyes off her and was constantly staring at her for sure. 

Q.Which has been you most challenging role till date?

My most challenging role has been playing a mother and daughter simultaneously in the same show. It is not easy to play both the characters at the same time and convince the audience as well and to enlighten everybody’s heart. To justify both the characters of – a mother and a daughter has been the most challenging thing for me.

Q.You have come a long way both in professional and personal life. There had been many ups and downs. How easy or difficult was it for you ?

Well there had been lot of ups and down for sure and still, there are. It is not an easy.

For any actor, it is  not like that you are working in ‘Uttran’, which is a brand, so it is easy to get work. Sometimes, you get a lot of offers, but you have to be selective. The audience, the fans expect a lot from you, but then, you have be very choosy and picky. You have to be remindful when you are choosing any character or signing up a new show.

Q.What inspires you?

Hard work! the hard work I see people do, is what inspires me.

Q.Do you have any regrets?

No, I do not have regrets. Whatever I did in my life, it was my decision. One should never have regrets for choices and should move-on.

Q.What is next from you?

Yeah, I was supposed to do some web series, but things did not fall in place. So further, there are talks for web series.

Q.You are an inspiration to budding talent. Any message you would like to share?

Do not lose hope! There is a lot of struggle, there is a lot of hard work but, remember one thing, hard work always works out. So, just hang in there, have hope, have faith and things will work out. Remember -things are going to be fine, so, do not lose hope and be strong .

Q.Any message on Pandemic Covid -19 for our readers?

Just stay home and be safe, even if the lockdown gets lifted. Just be more mindful , use sanitizer and wear mask . You know, this virus is not going to go anywhere or anytime soon, until we get an antidote. This virus is going to be with us and it will take some time. All we have to do is to be mindful and just look after ourselves.







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