“Dream big and never choose a short cut” – Lucky Mehta

“Dream big and never choose short cut. Never think that its small character why should I do, because you never know, anytime destiny can knock the door”Lucky Mehta

Lucky Mehta is well-known actress, who has acted in TV Serials, ‘Sasural simar ka’, ‘Swaragini’, ‘Jai Santoshi Maa’, ‘Bakla bua ka bhoot’, ‘Hamari Bahu Rajnikaant’,  and many more. Her TV serial ‘Siddhivinayak’ is currently on air, where she is playing- Gauri.


Q.You have worked in well-known TV Serials, ‘Sasural simar ka’, ‘Swaragini’, ‘Jai Santoshi Maa’, ‘Bakla bua ka bhoot’, ‘Hamari Bahu Rajnikaant’,  and currently, ‘Siddhivinayak’. Can you share your journey with us?

I came to Mumbai on 27th May 2016. I believe in hard work and as soon as I landed, started giving auditions. Within two months, I started getting work and did a cameo in “Sasuraal Simar Ka”, which was appreciated and then continuously, got big cameos. I also did print shoots and international ads in between. During  one of the audition for a big brand’s  advertisement, where I  was auditioned for third lead but on ad spot, they decided to give me lead in the same. Not only this, they also, recommended me in other production houses and I got “Bakula Bua ka Bhoot” as parallel lead. I played Niyati Devi in ‘Santoshi Maa’, which is still very close to my heart and whole team was very supportive. I also did Crime Alert  as lead and also, Detective Dev on Colors TV as lead of a story and i got chance to work with Aashish Chaudhray .There- after, I  got ‘Siddhivinayak’ as negetive character. So, all I can say that Gobeend is and has been so gracious on me.

Q.Currently your serial ‘Siddhi Vinayak’ is on air. Can you share about your character in the series.

In ‘Siddhivinayak’, I am playing Gauri, which is a negative character. She is greedy, opportunist and goes where she feel is advantage. She is bhabhi of Vinayak (central character) but even tried to kill him for property. This character has many shades.

Q.Which of your character has been very commendable and you enjoyed playing most?

 I enjoyed all of my characters, as all have been performance oriented. I love to do comedy.

Q.You belong to a small town, where the TV industry is not considered so good, but you chose this field? What inspired you?

 I am from Rajasthan. This state is full of art and there are so many things to. Since my childhood, I wanted to be on TV and my destiny pushed me to this world. I am glad that I am getting my wish fulfilled.

Q.How difficult was to enter in this TV industry? What kind of problem you faced to establish Yourself?

Initially in Mumbai,the big problem was from where to start. I wandered at Casting houses, met with lot of people. After a while,  got to know some known casting houses. It is true that social media is the best way to find out things. Though I am not a social  media person, but got idea to find good on it and it will sound filmy, but literally, it helped me to approach good casting hubs.Finally, I started giving auditions and got lucky with opportunity to work very soon with in very less time. All you have to do is to focus and definitely you will achieve what you want. I totally believe the dialogue, “Jab aap kisi chiz ko shiddat se  chahte ho toh sari kaynaat apko usse milane ki koshish me jut jati hai”. I never gave up and kept giving auditions. And then, a time came, when I got a call from very well known production house and got my international ad film.  I am lucky that my hard work helped me and definitely will fight for more success till I achieve  what I want,  because it is not the end, it is the start.

Q.In your journey, everyone supported you or have your share of struggle?

My journey began with so many problems, but, God helped me everywhere and also my parents blessings worked a lot.

Q.Can you narrate 1 incident of pain/struggle which have moved you and changed you as a person?

While you enter this world, you meet with all sort of people, good and bad. The bad part, for me, was the struggle period where in first few months, I was rejected everywhere and that made me hopeless, but I think all is written; God also takes exams and prepare us for betterment. So, whatever happened I feel was for my good life.

I remember, I used to go for auditions almost every day and once on a social site, saw an audition call for an advertisement. I got ready and left for audition in an auto-rikshaw and it met an accident, and  got my ankle injured. I got upset as I would miss that audition and went back to home. The very next day, got call from a known girl that she been there for audition and those people were fake and actually they were somebody else, casting couch types. I was shocked to hear that and  thanked God a lot. That day I decided that will go for auditions of very well known production houses only. l do not believe on any group audition call and that was great decision. I said I never met bad people, as I am spiritual person and God is always there with me.

Also, my parents never wanted me to be an actress and still they feel, I should go back to them. It hurts sometime but it is ok, as, they support me in every way but they do not want me to be away from them, It is their love for me.

Q.Any word of inspiration for those who come here for name and fame?

I am not as big to advise anyone but can suggest one thing, dream big but never choose short cut. Never think that its small character why should I do .because you never know, anytime destiny can knock the door.

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