Anuraag Pandey – A Bollywood Encyclopedia !!!

Anuraag Pandey also known as ‘Picture Pandey’ is an Indian media personality with presence across India’s 4 Metros as a National Radio jockey with a daily show & also formerly the host of TV Ka Pehla Radio Show on Sony Mix. Currently hosting the mid-morning show at Fever 104 FM Mumbai, he has achieved fame and popularity with an experience of over 2 decades in the broadcasting industry.

His biggest USP is his encyclopedic knowledge about the Indian film industry & unrivaled access to the biggest names in Bollywood; be it Movie Stars, Film Directors, Music Directors, Singers, Producers et al.

Q. You started your journey from All India Radio -Indore and now you are an extremely popular RJ – Anuraag ‘Picture’ Pandey with Fever 104. FM Can You share your journey with us ?

I have had my ups and downs and everybody has it but they were and are different from what others  go through and you can’t just explain it. Actually, people say the one who starts it is the one who ends it, but nobody knows when it will start or end  but I guess, I’m lucky that the work which I’ve started it’s just going and going forward! You just have to enjoy the time and I am enjoying my journey.

Q. You are a medical graduate. What interested you to get into the current career? Were there any inhibitions /objections from family initially?

Yes, I am a medical science graduate. My father was a doctor and he wanted me to become a doctor as well, which did not happen and there were many things which did not work well and I started thinking  that what to do in life. I went to an energy workshop, which proved to be quite useful as I thought I could do something . My medical science degree,  can fetch me a job of a teacher or professor for sure, so why not try for something which interests me? If it doesn’t work out, at least I can become a teacher or professor. So, I worked on my voice and after a while, started getting small -small work and gradually, started growing in my work. With God’s grace and continued efforts, here I am. 

Q. You started your career in 1990 and have come a long way. How it feels when you look back? What one thing you would like to change about yourself.

It feels awesome and I don’t think there is a need to change something because the journey which I am travelling is  going very great. I face challenge every day, because of the radio every day there be something new, something exciting and something challenging. It is very interesting and I enjoy it thoroughly.  

Q. How the Radio as a medium and career of being a Radio Jockey has evolved with time, as initially there was only one radio station – All India Radio and competition was tough those days.

There are some things that never change for examples the medium. The medium which I have chosen  is the same  like when I see TV or a movie, the basics are the same. Similarly, the radio basics don’t change . And It’s been 28 years and every day you get to see something new It’s really exciting.

As far as the career of a RJ is concerned, It is running good and it will always run good and  better in future.  The radio is a requirement and will never end. It is an information sharing along with the entertainment. The thing about the radio is a conversation, you just have to pick the mic and start talking to the listeners. It is less of post- production and easy medium of audible content. It is impromptu, which is its USP. Also, the thing about radio is it’s always useful. Now, you share lot of information local, national, even information on traffic is fast updated on the go. Also, you can say whatever you want whatever you like you just have to pick up the mic and start talking 

Q.Anuraag Pandey is also known as Picture Pandey and Bollywood Encyclopedia? How the terms became synonyms to you ? It would be surely interesting to know.

From childhood I wanted to do something big, something different and I was always fond films. I used to think about the people who act in the films, how will they be in person?  Gathering information about the film, the actors,  the singers and the lyricist   and the  people associated, became my interest.

Q. What preparations you do before your show. Do you prepare your scripts or you go impromptu?

We discuss that this scene is to be told at the next take ,  or something like that and as it is live an impromptu act, it flows in the process. Writing a script daily is not easy, as, you talk to people on the phone , to gather information  so many other related things.  Sometimes you create something yourself or sometimes you need to discuss. 

Q. From behind the microphone to hosting live shows. Do you see yourself trying acting in future?

Yeah why not.  I want to do many things-  Acting,  Direction and more, whenever, I get a chance. You just have to keep doing things  and opportunity  knocks at the door at the right time.

Q. Who is your inspiration. Which celebrity you identify most with?

It is  Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He is perfection.  I mean at this age also, he works with  so much energy and passion. He is equally humble and kind. 

Q. You interact with lot of famous personalities. Who do you think is most genuine and honest?

All are good people. It is sometimes , they are busy and we have to understand from their point of view. If you say Sir! I want a picture and if he/she says no that doesn’t mean he’s bad that means he is busy he doesn’t have time, he has many things on his list to do but I’ve never seen in my life any actor or famous personality denying to take a picture or talk.

Q. What are you addicted to ?

Information ! I am addicted to gathering information.  I can do whatever in my hands to  gather information. This addiction has got me where  I am today and I am good at it.

Q. You are an inspiration to lot of budding and aspiring Radio Jockeys. Any words for them?

Nowadays, in this competitive world, you cannot stand a chance in 130+ crore of population of India  . First, you make sure what you want to be?  What do you want to be known for?  what is your talent?  The first thing you need is to recognize your talent, which God has given you and no one can change it.  Example, if you see many cricketers sons came into Cricket but they could not be successful like their father. As with many actors’ sons and daughters, they came, but they could not do it, as all that matters in this field, is talent. So you need to recognize your talent and what type your talent it is ? Can it make you successful  or can you fill your stomach on the talent?  Is it useful or not? . If you start to think that you can become a RJ or an actor or director, you need to decide that, you are going to continue on this field whether you get successful or not because that is the thing that you like or  whatever you want to become, you need to make sure of it. You are  going to stick on that  permanently, as you will have to struggle very much for it and every field has a very  deep concept – You just have to stay focused.


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