“Lots of people are struggling at this time mentally & emotionally and I would just like to encourage them to seek help” – Tara Alisha Berry

“Lots of people are struggling at this time mentally & emotionally and I would just like to encourage them to seek help” – Tara Alisha Berry

Tara Alisha Berry is an Indian film and theater actress, known for her works in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. She debuted in Hindi film industry with Mastram and was part of prominent films – Love Games, The Perfect Girl, Marudhar Express and more. She did Telugu and Tamil films including 100% Love and  Money, Money and more Money. She debuted in Tamil film industry with ‘A1’. She also did Chokher Bali, directed by Anurag Basu, which aired on Epic Channel in 2015 as part of a series called Stories by Rabindranath Tagore.

Q.You have worked in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi film industry, while debuting in Telugu Film industry in 2011, with ‘100% Love’ alongside Naga Chaitanya and later, debuted in Bollywood with film ‘Mastram’. Recently debuted in Tamil film industry with ‘A1’. How has been your journey so far?

I am extremely blessed! I have been very lucky that since the beginning of my journey as an actor in the Indian film industry, I have been given the opportunity to play a gamut of different roles! I have yet to play the same or similar character twice and I consider myself extremely fortunate!

Q.Your work in web series- Love, Lust & Confusion has been widely appreciated. How it feels?

Honestly, ‘Love, Lust & Confusion’ changed my life! The amount of people who have loved the show, made me feel so validated as an actor! I still get messages from people appreciating the show and my character Poroma! I will be forever grateful to Victor, Neha, Josh and the team at Viu for gving me this!

Q.You were always perceived as a promising talent – with films like Love Games, The Prefect Girl, Mastram, Marudhar Express. Do you feel, You still have to get your due in the hindi film industry?

You know my dream has been to be able to play different parts and to be able to get steady work. I haven’t really been rigid in terms of which medium or language I’d like to work in so I feel I have been very blessed in every way. I have had the opportunity to work in films, web series, short films, plays, music videos doing what I absolutely love!

Q.What difference do you see in the work culture of Hindi Film industry and the industry down south?

The passion for one’s craft is the same but the major difference I have seen is in the daily schedule. The work shifts are set for a particular time and very rarely do you go overtime which is wonderful! Once you’ve wrapped for the day there is enough time to workout and sleep enough before the next day of shoot.

Q.You have worked in different genres, but still people tend to type cast you. Is it due to choices of films you made initially in Bollywood?

I have been extremely lucky that I have not been type cast! I just can’t thank all my directors and producers enough for giving me the opportunity to play such different parts since the beginning of my career! 

Q.Which has been you most challenging role till date?

 I think the most challenging role was of Renu in ‘Mastram’, the feature film. It was my debut film in the Hindi Film industry and I was a kid! I didn’t know anything about acting and I was very lucky that my co-actors were experienced and took the time out to sit with me and help me discover my process as an actor! It was like being in acting school!

Q.The industry is difficult and challenging. What drives you and keep you motivated?

My passion for my craft and storytelling! I absolutely love what I do. I love the process of filmmaking and that’s what keeps me going! I find it magical. 

Q.You look enterprising- intelligent and beautiful with business instincts. What another career choice would you have made, if not actor.

I would probably be part of some department in filmmaking itself or a veterinarian. I love animals.

Q.How do you see the content industry is evolving? Do you think it is moving to consumer driven market, with their choices of content and exhibition platforms?

Thanks to emerging platforms, filmmakers are being able to tell any and all the stories they want to. So, the content out there is amazing at the moment. There is something for everyone!

Q.How are you as a person in real life? What makes you happy?

I am not a very social person. I have a few friends who I adore, and I love spending time with them, my family, my partner and our dog.

Q.Do you remember, any incident which moved you for good?

When I saw the film “Requiem for a Dream” I was very moved and realized that I cannot do anything else but be part of the film industry. I was blown away that a film could make me feel what I felt while watching that film and days and weeks after and knew that being a part of filmmaking is all I can and want to do.

Q.Do you have any regrets?


Q.What is next from you?

I have been very blessed that during the lockdown I have had my debut in the international film industry with my new show called “Disconnected”. As well as this ‘Mastram’, the web series on MX player released during the lockdown and it is getting loads of love from people! 

Q.Any social message on Pandemic -Covid -19 for our readers?

Lots of people are struggling at this time mentally & emotionally and I would just like to encourage them to seek help. There are many organizations, counselors, therapists who are offering free help for people at this time and I urge those who are mentally and emotionally struggling to reach out. Don’t feel alone, stuck and depressed, seek help, reach out to someone. If not one of these avenues, then reach out to a friend or close family member but reach out.


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