As per the report Ormax Cinematix released recently, the Most-awaited Hindi film, as on Jul 15, 2023, Pushpa 2: The Rule (Hindi) is at No. 1.

“#OrmaxCinematix Most-awaited Hindi films, as on Jul 15, 2023 (only films releasing Sep 2023 onwards whose trailer has not been released yet have been considered)”

The excitement among the audience for Pushpa 2: The Rule is definitely on the surge ever since the release of its first poster. The massiveness of the campaign of the poster was enriched to the next level when the poster was launched to 120 cities having grabbed its position on the front page of the newspapers made it travel to almost every region of the country ranging from small towns to metro cities.

The constant rising madness of Pushpa 2 The Rule has been very fondly proved, Pushpa “Flower Nahi Fire hai”.